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April 8, 2019

Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. 

- Mitchell Kapor

The founder of Lotus made that statement in 1991, and it is even more profound today. Anything you want to know is available in a fraction of a second. As a business owner how do you bend this opportunity to your benefit? You go where the consumer is; this article will explore the best social platforms for your business. 

Google+ may look like a ghost town, but everything you post is instantly indexed by Google's search engines. Additionally there are a trove of resources all in one place that can maximize your marketing strategy. It's free, it's huge (2.2 billion users), and it   may be the best way to generate traffic

Boasting the most active user base (over 70% of adults online) a Facebook Business page can foster customer relationships, increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and help you better understand your audience 

Optimized for professionals in high gear, this platform is best for peer networking and B2B connections. The opportunity to present your business to a like minded community can increase leads, and is the most effective place for content distribution

Visual stimulation abound, this platform is most popular among women. The potential purchase power from "Pinners" is enormous, offering you a fantastic platform for your products and services. 93% of Pinners have used Pinterest to plan a future purchase

‍The perfect platform for reaching a large [younger] demographic, Twitter is a topic-based engine for branding insights and business news. Real time engagement is an effective way to create lasting customer relationships and market your product or services

Much like Pinterest, this platform provides your business an outlet for the visual aspect of your content. High engagement second only to Facebook gives businesses a large advantage to showcase their brand with stimulating images

Beyond the practical advantages of finding the right combination of social platforms for your business, brand recognition is power. Consumers are twice as likely to make a purchase from a company they recognize and trust. Building your presence coupled with a central resource center (your company website) make your products and services accessible.

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VP | Operations

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