Website Navigation and Why It Matters

June 12, 2017

Intuitive Navigation is a term used to describe ease of use. This design method is invisible; the visitor isn't even aware they are being gently directed through the website. It speeds up their search, and the visitor immediately knows what your site is about and how it works. 

The ultimate goal is to increase conversion, turning visitors into customers. With this in mind it is necessary to build the site layout around the customers needs. Intuitive Navigation is about creating a structured site that is well received by search engines, SEO, and visitors. Additionally, a quality site limits points of distraction and unnecessary tabs which can take visitors away from your site.

So why is it so important? Navigation is fundamental.

- Consumer Confidence: A visitor will stay on your site longer when the information they need is thoughtfully placed without distraction. Additionally, said visitor is likely to return.

- Understanding: A visitor knows exactly what your site is about without having to hunt through each page, which improves time spent on your site.

- Accessibility: Besides ease of use for your visitor, a site with great navigation is properly indexed by search engines. This allows your site to be found.

- Consistency: Your website is a direct reflection of you and your business's abilities. A concise and consistent design conveys the message that you and your business are too. 


Looking for an example? Visit us at , our team of designers have created a site that boasts a 7% bounce rate (read more about bounce rates here) and epitomizes what it means to design a site for your audience. 

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